To quote KJN Gene Gause...

"I could tell you, but then I'd have to Pyung Soo you."

I have been advised to offer no translation of these names, and no explanation of their applications. At such time as Kuk Sah Nym deems you ready to learn these principles, you will be taught them. Let it be sufficient that you know these principles exist, and that there is high level study available to the Kuk Sool Won practitioner from the beginning of his training through to the end.

Keeping secrets is folly, ergo the revelation can be found below:

A probable typo is implicated and it should be: SAH LAHK BUP (note corruption of the liquid R/L sound)

SA RAK BEOP : 사락법 : 沙落法 : "sand spreading principles" - a very basic fighting method utilizing the throwing of debris which is easily scattered (such as sand) in an attempt to hinder your opponent's attack

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