Sah Ji = Four Fingers, Gwuhn = Fist. Unlike the fist described for Juhng Gwuhn which relies on the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints to deliver the strike, the Sah Ji Gwuhn emphasizes impact be made with the ridge formed by the first or proximal interphalangeal joints of the index through little fingers, which are pressed firmly together. The thumb placement can be in one of two allowed variations - tucked inside the palm which would place it on top of the fingernails of the other four fingers, or held tightly against the side of the palm/hand but not protruding beyond the flexed fingers. Regardless of thumb position, the tips of the fingers should not touch the center of the palm, i.e. the MCP joints are not flexed as much as in the usual manner of making a fist. Care should be taken with the thumb position inside the palm, not to use the thumb for support of the other fingers on impact, as it could dislocate the thumb at its MCP joint. Sah Ji Gwuhn is sometimes referred to as a "Leopard's Paw."

This strike is perfect for blows which need extended reach into a closed-off or narrow target, such as aiming for the neck under the jaw but above the Adam's Apple, as prescribed for Maek Chi Ki #11.

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