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As a traditional martial art, instruction in Kuk Sool Won™ is given in both Korean and English. Because Korean (Hangul, the great language) uses a different alphabet than English, the English spellings are phonetic approximations. Please consult with a native Korean speaker for proper pronounciation.


Yea Eue: Etiquette

Doh Jahng: Practice Hall

Soom She Ki: Breathing

Kyung Neh: Bow

Doh Bok: Uniform

Ki Cho Jah Ki: Breathing Exercises

Cha Ryuht: Attention

Di: Belt

Ki: Internal Life Force

Juhng Jah: Proper Sitting

Eue Bok: Clothing

Ki Hahp: Forcing Ki by Pressure when Breathing

Joon Bee/Jim bey: Ready

Soo Ryuhn: Practice

Mon Puhl Ki: Warm-up Exercises

She Jahk: Begin

Geu Mahn: Stop

Kuk Ki: National Flag

Geut: Finish

Shee Uh: Rest

Won Ki: Kuk Sool Association Flag


Il: First Hah Nah: One
Ee: Second Dul: Two Seu Mool: Twenty
Sahm: Third Set: Three Suh Reun: Thirty
Sah: Fourth Net: Four Mah Heun: Forty
Oh: Fifth Dah Suht: Five Shwin: Fifty
Yook: Sixth Yah Suht: Six Yeh Soon: Sixty
Chil: Seventh Il Gohp: Seven Il Heun: Seventy
Pahl: Eighth Yuh Duhl: Eight Yuh Deun: Eighty
Gu: Ninth Ah Hohp: Nine Ah Heun: Ninety
Ship: Tenth Yul: Ten Baek: One Hundred

Parts of the Body:Edit

Bahl: Foot Bahl Deung: Foot Top (Instep) Bahl Koom Chi: Heel
Dah Ree: Leg Moo Reup: Knee Sohn: Hand
Sohn Mohk: Wrist Ahn Sohn Mohk: Inside Wrist Bahl Mohk: Ankle
Pahl Koom Chi: Elbow Uh Kae: Shoulder Hyul: Pressure Point
Mok: Throat or Neck Noon: Eyes Dari: Leg (and interestingly, bridge, as in London Bridge...)
Pahl: Elbow, Arm Ko: Nose Yip: Mouth
Yip Sool: Lips Muh Ree: Head Gui: Ears

Directions and MovesEdit

Ahn: Inside Ahp: Front Yuhp: Side
Dee, Dwee: Back Dee Uh: Jumping Hweh Juhn: Turning
Doh Rah: Spinning Yahng: Both Ssahng: Double
Yuhk: Reverse Ban De: Other Direction Dee Roh Doh Rah: Turn Around
Sahng: High Joong: Middle Hah: Low

Greetings and PhrasesEdit

An Yong Hashimika?: Hello/Hi/How Are you? (Respectfully, Formally, to a superior)

An Yong Haseo?: Hello/Hi/How are you? (Informal, between peers)

Ahn Yong Hee Kah Ship See Yo: Goodbye/Go Safely

Ahn Yong ee Kah Se Yo: Goodbye (less formal)

Soo Guh Heet Sahm Nee Dah: You Worked Hard

Kahm Sah Hahm Nee Dah: Thank You (Formal)

Koh mahp soom nee dah: Thank You (Less formal)

Chuhn Mahn Eh Yo: You´re Welcome

Soo Ryuhn Geut: Finish Practice

Mo Roo Get Soom Ni Da: I don't know/I'm not quite certain

Jweh Sung Ham Ni Da. Jahl mo roo get soom ni da: I'm sorry, but I am not certain.

Chu Ka Ham Ni Da: Congratulations!

Saeng gil: Birthday, so Saeng gil Chu ka Ham ni da: Happy Birthday!

Tanyo Gay Sumnida: See you later

Kote Pep Kay Sumnida: See you soon

Yahng Ah Rule hashimnika? Can you speak English?

Moruget Sumnida: I don't understand

Mo da ra du ros so yo: I don't understand

Cho Uum Pep Kay Sumnida: Pleased to meet you

Yong Sa Ha Da: Forgive

Che sohng hahm nee dah: I'm Sorry

Mi ahn hahm nee dah: I'm sorry (less intense)

Chusayo: Please give me/Give me please (eg, Coffee Chusayo)

Tope Tah: Help

Nong Dahm Imnida: Joking

Ahn jeu say yo: Sit

Chahng Jee: Stop

Ahh dah sahn, Ahh dah sah yo: Understand

Nay or yeh: Yes

Ah ni o: No

Shi reo! No! (Strongly)

Chok ah mahn yah: Wait

Chokum mahn kida Ri sayo: Wait a moment please

Mooway: What

Ee go shee mooway: What is this?

Jo Shim Hae Yo!: Watch out!!

Apa Yo: It hurts

Mok apa yo: my throat hurts

Noon apa yo: my eyes hurt

Dari apa yo: my leg hurts

Mu ree apa yo: i have a headache

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