Originally, Black Belts could opt to have the back of their uniform embroidered with one of 5 different martial animal totems (1st dahn - eagle, 2nd dahn - cobra, 3rd dahn - tiger, 4th dahn - dragon, 5th dahn & up - crane). These uniforms typically had the bottom edge of the jacket enhanced with a gold embroidered design reminiscent of the water element (highly regarded in Kuk Sool Won™ as exemplifying a soft yet powerful force). The current "Double-Dragon" Jacket [1] (a military-style jacket similar to a pilot or aviator flight jacket) available through Gaya Won (the commercial aspect of the WKSA website) is a good example of the embroidery quality of these older uniforms.

To save on cost, Black Belt holders often chose only to have the bottom edge embroidered as described above. Eventually all of these embroidered uniforms fell out of favor due to expense, and the tassel or fringe version replaced it.


Gold Fringe/Tassel Uniform

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