Pahl Koom Chi Ki can be delivered in several ways. In all of them, the striking surface is the same: the elbow itself.

In the first Ki Cho Hyung, the penultimate motion is an elbow strike delivered behind the fighter, reinforced with the other hand bracing the fist.

In the fifth Ki Cho Hyung, and in Cho Geup Hyung the elbow strike is delivered in front of the fighter, coming accross the body at about shoulder height. The striking arm is again reinforced by the other arm, gripping the fist.

Other elbow strikes frequently practiced include a forward delivered strike, unsupported by the other arm, that cuts upward at an opponent's chin. A downward strike, similarly unsupported, in which the fighter brings his entire body down low while striking with the elbow is also frequently practiced. A sidewise striking elbow strike exists also.

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