Similar to [[Maek Chi Ki]

Number Pressure Point Meridian Translation
1 Sahm Um Kyo Spleen 6 Three Um Junction
2 Dohk Bi Stomach 35 Eye’s of the Knee
3 Wee Joong Bladder 40 Surprise
4 Hyul Hae Spleen 10 Sea of Blood
5 Jang Moon Liver 13 System's Door
6 Geuk Chuhn Heart 1 Summit's Spring
7 Ki Hae Conception 6 Sea of Ki
8 Goo Mi Conception 15 Dove's Tail
9 Yuhm Chuhn Conception 23 Modesty Spring
10 Hohn Soo Not on a Meridian Not on a Meridian
11 Yoo Geun Stomach 18 Breast's Root
or Chuhn Ji Pericardium 1 Heaven's Pool
12 Ah Moon Governing 15 Door of Awareness
13 Gaek Joo In Gall Bladder 3 Upper Hinge
14 Dae Choo Governing 14 Big Vertebrae
15 Yahng Neung Chuhn Gall Bladder 34 Sunny Hill Spring


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