Kuk Sool Won of Michigan has a long and winding history.

Kuk Sool Won came to Michigan in the 1980's originally being called "Kuk Sool Hapkido". At this time, the members Hapkido (under Rudy Timmerman) transfered their ranks and knowledge to that of Kuk Sool Hapkido. Eventually the Hapkido was dropped, and Kuk Sool Won was established in Michigan and Canada. Much of the early learnign of Kuk Sool Won in Michigan was done through the then In Sun Seo red books, and seminars held by Kuk Sa Nym and Suh, In Joo. Slowly a force of Kuk Sool Won students was built.

Now, Michigan is Home to over half a dozen schools including two Campus clubs. Kuk Sool Won has made a strong mark on Michigan that continues to grow.

High Level instructors in Michigan:

-KJN Jonathan Simmonds -SBN Kimberly Berry -SBN Karl Stolt

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