Ko Yang Ee Nak Bub is used when either you have too much forward momemtum to execute a Hweh Juhn Nak Bub (break fall) or when you want to gain proximity to an opponent, or conversely create extra distance from your opponent. To execute this technique one should make a circle with their arms, body and legs. Often people mistake this techinque for a summersalt and square their shoulders in the direction of the roll, but this is incorrect and more closely resembles a dive roll, albeit with you body pitched at an oblique angle rather than straight. Typically preformed with a running start, leap forward as high as possible with the left foot in lead position, and touch down on the ground with your left hand first, then your left arm, then your left shoulder, and when the ground touches your back it should do so in a diagonal from your left shoulder to your right hip. As soon as your hip touches you should tuck your right leg in and continue rolling into a erect posture, preferably a left guarding stance. Naturally if doing this maneuver with a leading right foot, transpose all the right/left instructions and end in a right guarding stance.

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