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Ki Mah Jah Se, or horse riding stance, is the first stance taught in Kuk Sool Won™. It is the stance used when practicing Sohn Ppae Ki: Wrist Escapes, Sohn Mohk Soo, Eue Bohk Soo, and Ahn Sohn Mohk Soo. It is also the stance students maintain while practicing Soo Ki (Hand Techniques). It makes frequent appearances in Hyung.

To assume Ki Mah Jah Se, spread your feet further than shoulder width apart, and keep your feet pointed straight ahead. Bend your knees deeply. Keep your back straight and your shoulders square. Make fists of your hands and hold them at belt level, heel of the hand up. That's it.

Note: this posture is also known as pyeong jase, 평자세 (i.e. flat stance/posture - 平姿勢).

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