Ji Pang Ee Sool (10) Walking Cane Techniques.

This is a series of techniques involving the use of a walking cane. The cane is considered by many to be a "gentleman's weapon". One of the benefits of learning these techniques is they can easily be converted to use with a long umbrella or even a short stick. The cane is a weapon that allows for increased leverage and thus makes it an ideal weapon for use by just about any practitioner, regardless of age.

Korean martial arts are made up of three distinct, ancient fighting arts. Those arts are sado mu sool, or tribal arts, koong joong mu sool, or royal martial arts, and Buldo mu sool, or Buddhist martial arts. The cane is a product of the Buldo mu sool and was a weapon of choice by the monks as it was readily available and allowed them to submit their enemies without killing them.

The monk who made ji pang-ee sool techniques popular was Won Hyo Dae-Sa, who lived during the Silla Dynasty (approx A.D. 650). There is a story about him that talks about how during a battle lead by General Kim Yu Shin, one of Korea's most famous military leaders, Won Hyo Dae-Sa discovered that the General's son was lost in battle. In order to retrieve him, Won Hyo Dae-Sa used only his cane to enter the battle and fought off enemies in order to retrieve the General's son's body and return it to his father for a proper burial.

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