Chiefmaster In Joo Suh (10th dan)

  • 1948 Born(August 22nd).
  • 1959 Awarded 1st Dan.
  • 1967 Graduated High school.
  • 1967 Became Instructor At Uncle In Suk Suh's Dojang.
  • 1970 Joined ROK Marine Corps.
  • 1973 Discharged From ROK Marine Corps.
  • 1974 Opened 1st Dojang
  • 1974 Awarded 5th Dan.
  • 1978 Arrived in United States.
  • 1980 Opened School in Berkly California.
  • 1981 Chosen as captain for United States Kuk Sool Team.
  • 1986 Moved to San Antonio, Texas. Awarded 8th Dan.
  • 1995 Opened 2nd School in Windcrest Texas. Awarded 9th Dan.
  • Awarded 10th Dan

San Antonio Kuk Sool Won school bio on In Joo Suh

Jung Gum demonstration by Chong Kwong Jang Nym In Joo Suh.

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