Gool Gohk Jah Se [굴곡 자세; 屈曲姿勢] basically translates as Crouching Stance. Go Yang Ee Jah Se [고양이자세] is Korean for Cat Stance. This posture is typically done with the spine straight rather than curved/hunched (as the name "couching" implies) and one or both legs bent (often bent/flexed to near maximum). One version of the Crouching Stance has the rear leg completely flexed (as if squatting) with the rear foot pointing to the side while the front leg is more or less straight with the foot flat on the ground (this particular posture is used in archery). However the most popular version of a Crouching Stance has the rear leg flexed somewhat less than maximum with the foot pointing to the side, and the front leg poised ready to kick with the toes barely making contact to the ground (this version is known as Cat Stance due to its resemblance of a cat ready to pounce). While most stances are recommended to keep an even distribution of your weight (i.e 50/50), the Cat Stance should be closer to 10/90 (front/rear) and never surpassing 20/80. The Long Stance is the other posture where the balance is offset from 50/50, and since it places the bulk of your weight forward, it often gets termed as a Front Stance. Likewise, the Cat Stance is sometimes called a Back Stance for similar reasons.

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