Chun duk lee

Chiefmaster Chun Duk Lee is a world class professional martial arts instructor. Chiefmaster Chun D. Lee, who holds a ninth degree black belt, has an extensive martial arts background spanning over 45 years. He was trained at the Korea Kuk Sool Headquarters do jang in Busan, South Korea by Grandmaster In Sun Seo, and for a number of years, he was the principal master instructor for headquarters and the greater Busan area schools (now numbering nearly 200). Today he is the Chiefmaster of the Korea Kuk Sool Headquarters and administrator for the southern division of the Korea Kuk Sool Association.

Before coming to America in 1983, Chiefmaster Lee toured extensively with the official Korean National Martial Arts Demonstration Team, participating in hundreds of demonstrations throughout Korea and the United States. He has had the distinction of holding numerous Grand Championships in all categories of competition.

His long and distinguished career has earned him recognition as one of Korea’s top master instructors. He has received honors from his country’s martial arts governing agencies, the World Kido Federation, Han Min Jok Hapkido Association, Korea Kido Association and the Korea Kuk Sool Association in recognition of his exceptional skills and dedication to his profession. He is the recipient of ceremonial swords bearing the Korean National Presidential Seal (only the third such ever bestowed in the martial arts to bear the national seal).

Currently, Chiefmaster Lee resides in Busan, South Korea and continues to uphold the tradition of high quality instruction and a structured, historically grounded training curriculum, which sets him and Kuk Sool apart from the ordinary.

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