Chief MasterEdit

Chong Kwon Jang Nym wears a ceremonial do-bok (General's Uniform) with gold trim. The bib worn in the uniform is also gold, and has the WKSA logo on it.

As with 9th Dahn, promotion to 10th Dahn is not based on mastery of new Soo or Hyung. There is no further curriculum after the 8th Dahn. 10th Dahn is the highest achievable rank under Grandmaster (Kuk Sa Nim).

In order to promote to 10th Dahn, a master is expected to create a manuscript of all of their knowledge, not only of Kuk Sool, but of Korean martial art history, their understanding of pressure points and their medical application as well as their martial application, and all other knowledge they have acquired as a master of Kuk Sool. These manuscripts are evaluated by Kuk Sa Nim and kept private as they typically contain the full knowledge of Kuk Sool and thus are not shared. Additionally, they must demonstrate all Kuk Sool techniques, forms, and weapons to Kuk Sa Nim.

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