Bu Chae Sool is a set of ten strikes to pressure points using the fan, taught at the 3rd dahn level. The fan was one of the favorite weapons of the Korean Nobility, especially in the Royal Court, where "conventional" weapons were banned. An elegant, and deceptive weapon, the fan reached its height of popularity during the Three Kingdoms Period. Small, and lightweight, the fan could be used in all situations, either in the fingertips or concealed in the loose, flowing undergarments of Korean Noble class.

Korea fans were often made of a special wood called "Pahk Dahl" which grows only in Korea, a naturally hard wood, it became as tough as steel when properly treated, whilst maintaininng a light weight. Sometimes Korean fans would have metal ribs folded in with the wood, for added striking power. Often adorned with feathers of exotic birds at the tips, small knives, and poison sacs were easily concealed within the folds. The knife could be fixed so as to give the attacker a sharp cut, or mobile, being flung into the attacker when the fan was opened. The aforementioned poison sacs could range in effects from parallelization , to death among other things.


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