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The second of the Crescent kicks taught in Kuk Sool Won™, the Outside kick is simply the opposite of the Inside kick. As usual, this kick is performed from offensive or defensive stance. The trailing leg is the kicking leg, and should be kept straight. Don't bend the knee! When executing Bah Gaht Dah Ree, you bring your straight leg up and accross your body at roughly 45° until the kicking foot is roughly even with the opposite shoulder. The kick is then brought back accross the body in a large circular motion. The striking surface can be either the outside of the instep (top of the foot), or the side of the heel, depending on whether the Outside kick lands under the jaw or against the head of your opponent. It is important to let the hip open up and to describe a large circle with the Outside kick. Before lowering the kick back to stance, the foot should pass from the opposite shoulder accross the body at head level and then past the kicking leg's shoulder before coming back down into stance.

This kick is another good candidate for use in a Dynamic Stretching routine before class.

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